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A night to remember for Chelmsford Gym Club

Saturday 31 October 2015

Representatives from Chelmsford Gymnastics Club had a night to remember, after winning tickets to the women’s Team final at the 2015 Gymnastics Championships, through a competition run by British Gymnastics and the event organisers.

Chelmsford submitted a creative video entry of their gymnasts performing the official Championships dance, which is taking the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships by storm in a number of imaginative locations.

The clubs artistic entry won them chance to attend the event and a £1000 equipment voucher from World Championships event partner Gymnova. The competition was part of British Gymnastics ‘Be Part of It’ campaign, designed to put clubs at the heart of the championships and give them the opportunity to engage and interact with the event.

Each gymnastics club across Britain received an official supporters’ pack which informed clubs how they could interact and engage with the event, Chelmsford submitted a successfully entry to the ‘Championships Dance’ competition.

The Essex club were successfully drawn from many entries the length and breadth of the UK and were chosen by GB superstar Becky Downie, who was highly impressed with the clubs entry saying: “There were loads of incredible entries; it was really hard to choose. I loved the effort everyone went to, some had people dancing in fountains and others on a farm with cows! I chose Chelmsford Gymnastics Club in the end because you could see they’d put loads of effort into what they were wearing and the energy they put in was awesome. The first part of the video was really funny too with what seemed like hundreds of kids coming out of one taxi! I thought the whole piece was fun and original.”

Two members of the club, Georgia Frain and friend Beth, made the almost 800 mile round trip to attend the event in Glasgow and watch a historic night as the British women secured bronze - their first ever world team medal.

The official championships dance is proving extremely popular in the SSE Hydro and the girls from Chelmsford got the chance to perform the routine again, amidst a six thousand strong crowd during the women’s Team final.

Nine year old Georgia was picked as the lucky winner to come to Glasgow from the rest of her team who performed in the video: “It was really exciting and I couldn’t concentrate at gym that night when I knew I had won. I won the four tickets, so chose my friend Beth from the club and my mum and dad.”

Her mum Toni, who is joining her on the trip to Glasgow said: “It was extra special for us to win, as the taxi used in the video was Georgia’s dads.”

It was a night that nine year old Georgia and friend Beth will never forget: “It was great to see such a big event, it’s just like what we do in gym but on a bigger scale. It is overwhelming to see such amazing gymnastics it’s inspiring. I would like to say thank you to Becky Downie for picking our club to win.”

The impact on winning the competition has already been felt by the club and Head Coach Julie said: “The championships dance gave the club the chance to get in the groove of the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships. We were delighted to be chosen as the winning club, it has been an exciting time for us all and I hope it will be inspirational for both Beth and Georgia, the rest of the club will be cheering on from home.”

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